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About Me

Capital City Film Festival, 2023

I am a 4th-year film production major at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH. I started working as a sound mixer/boom operator in the film industry during my freshman year with the independent feature film Beyond the Lake (Porcari, 2021). Since then, I have found my passion for filmmaking through cinematography. My 16mm student film, Nature vs Nurture (Leonard, 2022), screened in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and the Czech Republic., I discovered a passion for experimental film and nature videography. In my free time, I like to climb, hike, and camp!

Beyond the Lake, 2020


Creative Work

Nature vs Nurture

Nature vs Nurture (Leonard, 2022)
"An experimental documentary about nature and the industrial world through comparing and contrasting sound and image"
Athens International Film and Video Festival - Official Selection 2024
Capital City Film Festival - Official Selection 2023
Reel Teal Film Festival - Official Selection 2023
Fofr - Jury Selection: Unknown Dimension Award for Film Experimentation 2023
Student World Impact Film Festival 2023 - Honorable Mention, Semi-finalist: Best Super Short Film
BGSU Film and Media Festival 2023 - Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Experimental, Best Medium-length
BGSU Cineposium 2022 - Screening
Filmed and edited by - Andrew James Leonard
With help from - Nick Schwochow, Wesley Vert
Special thanks to - Lucas Ostrowski, BGSU Department of Theatre and Film

Angela & Ben 7.11.21

The wedding of Angela & Ben Bramham on 7.11.21 at Cliffside Achers, OHCREDITS:
Cinematography and Editing - Andrew James Leonard
Thank you to Audrey Wilkens and Ella Johnson
Photographer - Ceci Dalton

Falcon Marching Band

2023 Falcon Marching Band Official Hype Video (Leonard, 2023)
"The official hype video for the 2023 Falcon Marching Band that screens during every home pregame show"
Jon Waters
Dr. Mark Cook
Studio cinematographer: Andrew James Leonard
On field recordings: Keegan Bezenah
Pictured: Mitch Cash, Elle Smith, Raj Jeffries, Jaclyn Swartz, Katherine Bornes.
Special thanks to: Nick Schwochow, Amanda Kile, Ana Cunnimgham, Cecelia Puko, Sydney Scaggs.


Grocery (2023)
"Comprised of melted plastic and delicate paint transfers, this film magnifies the minute details of plastic grocery bags as they dance on screen"
Andrew James Leonard (Driector)
Thomas Castillo (Producer)
Amanda Kile (PA)

Faces of the Needy

Faces of the Needy (2023)
"A dissertation research video for Abhishek Bhati"
Ohio State University
Stephen Crompton MFA (Cinematographer, sound, producer)
Andrew James Leonard (Cinematographer, editor)
Special thanks to:
Dr. Angela M. Eikenberry, Dr. Gary S. Marshall, School of Public Administration, University of Nebraska, University of Nebraska Omaha' Graduate Program, Monica Hartzler, Family & Friends


"Totality filmed on the campus of Bowling Green State University"
April 8th, 2024
-Canon 200mm f/4
Special thanks to:
Stephen Crompton MFA


35mm Color

Couples Photos - Mitch & Ana

Headshots - Matt

Grad Photos - Kristen